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Math Lesson 10: The Distributive Property and the Product of Decimals 3/19/14
Homework Announcement!

Please ensure that students are completing their nightly Accelerated Math Homework and 30 minutes of reading. This week there is a special Coordinate Plane Quiz! located in the homework section of my Fusion Page. This is to be completed no later than Wednesday, March 5th.

Thank you!

Mrs. Andrus
How to Access Accelerated Math
Hi Students!

To acess Accelerated Math, go to the Academy website. Click the Elementary Tab, and then select AR Home Connect. Log in with your AR username and passcode. Once you've logged in, there are two tabs (reading & math); click the Math tab. Once you open the Math tab, click Practice to begin. Choose the best answer & select the correct bubble. 

Good luck with your first night of Accelerated Math! If you have any questions after tonight, be sure to ask me during Math class tomorrow! 


Mrs. Andrus
Test Retakes
Dear Parents & Students,

Just as a refresher, the school policy for make-ups/retakes states that if students receive a 79 or below then they are eligible to retest/make-up the assignment. 

If students are going to retest, then parents must sign the test and then students will turn it into me. Students must come after school to retake their assessment. My hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. If you have a special circumstance, please contact me and I'd love to work something out with you and your student. 


Mrs. Andrus
This Week's Events! Sept. 30-Oct.4, 2013
Parents & Students,

Please take a look at this week's upcoming events! Underneath each event is a few details to explain the activity.

October 2 - Outdoor Ed. Personal Narrative Due
  • We have worked hard for the past week and a half on our Personal Narratives! We will be wrapping that up by typing our Final Draft's in class on Tuesday and Wednesday!
October 4 - Stars Test 
  • We have been completing our Star Review. As a class, we divided the review into chunks. Each night this week students will complete their next chunk of questions, and we will go over them in the morning! 
  • Students will turn in their Reviews on Friday before their test.
October 4 - Constellation Project Due
  • Today, students chose a constellation they would like to research/write a short story about. For Monday night homework, they are to look up the REAL story/myth behind their constellation and print it out or take notes on it in their Science Journals.
  • Tuesday, students will use their research to help them plan out their ORIGINAL story that they are creating.
  • Wednesday, students will write their rough drafts.
  • Thursday, students will revise/edit.
  • Friday, students will write their final draft and turn in their projects! :)
***The constellation project is not a full length composition. It is meant to be short story.***
Students, please plan ahead and use your time well! If you have any questions, please ask me during class or send me an email! :) Have a great night!


Mrs. Andrus

Upcoming Tests!

Please study and prepare for your upcoming tests this week! We have practiced and reviewed in class, but please study at home as well! Use all the tools available to you so that you can be as successful as you can be!

Math: Decimal Computation Test     Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013

Social Studies: Deserts Test           Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013

There are resources located in my Links portion of my Fusion Page! Please use these tools to help you as you study! You're going to do a fabulous job, just keep up the good work!


Mrs. Andrus
Outdoor Ed. Is Coming Up!
Hi parents!

I hope y'all have had a wonderful and restful weekend. Here are just a few reminders for this week's Outdoor Ed.

- If there are any monies/forms that need to be turned in, bring them to school as soon as possible! That way we can process their information and your student will be completely ready to go!
(I will email those of you who I am missing information from.)

- If your student requires ANY medication (i.e. Tylenol, inhalers, etc.) you MUST fill out the medication forms and turn them in with the medication ASAP. It is against the rules to allow your student to take their own medication with them in their bags without submitting the appropriate forms and medications to the school nurse.

- If you take a look at the projected weather for this week, it looks like it's going to be chilly and wet. Please pack your student with appropriate clothing. Things to bring would be: rain coat, long sleeves, long pants, socks, thermal underwear, etc. Also, due to the chance of rain, pack 2-3 large trash bags in your students bag just so their things can stay dry! These items are additional things to pack, along with some cooler clothes, so that your child can be prepared for any weather we may have.

- Tuesday morning the buses will leave promptly at 9:00AM. Please drop your student off in the back parking lot by 8:15AM to ensure that we get loaded up and leave on time.

I will be sending some more reminders on Monday just to keep you updated with the latest! I'm looking forward to a great week at Outdoor Ed. and cannot wait to share this experience with your students!

Kelsey N. Andrus
6th Grade
The Academy of Charter Schools

PS- If you need to turn in ANY forms, they are located in my Files at the bottom of my Fusion Page!
Reminders for This Week! 9/3/2013
Good afternoon parents,

I just wanted to send a few reminders. Please keep the following in mind as you plan your week...

- Picture Day is tomorrow! I sent home a Picture Day Slip with students where you can choose the background color and also order pictures.

- Sept. 5, 2013 at 6:00PM Outdoor Ed. Informational Meeting

- Friday, Sept. 6, 2013 Student Outdoor Ed. Permission Slips/Medication Forms due!

-Chaperones, please make sure both the Background Check and Information Sheet are filled out/turned in, along with the $95.00. Please turn in forms and money ASAP.

I hope you all have had a great start to your week! Please keep checking my Fusion Page and emails to keep updated on the latest! 

Kelsey N. Andrus
6th Grade
The Academy of Charter Schools
Washington D.C. Trip!
It's time to register for the upper-elementary students' Washington, D.C. trip in June!  It is an amazing learning opportunity for students and a great place for history to come alive!  It's a family-friendly trip so siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, & uncles are all welcome to join us on this awesome trip!

Complete the attached registration form and mail it in or register on-line at by September 30th!  We hope you'll join us for all the fun!!!


Feel free to ask Miss Brown, Dr. Laughlin, or Miss Lurvey if you want to know more about the amazing time we had on this trip with students and families last summer.

NEW Outdoor Ed. Deadlines!
Dear Parents,

We are extending the paperwork deadline for Outdoor Ed. to next Friday, Sept. 6. We previously had the deadline set for Tuesday, Sept. 3, but it makes more sense to have the papers due after the info meeting Thursday evening at 6PM.

All paperwork for the trip is now due by the end of the school day on FRIDAY, SEPT. 6. Please keep in mind that the chaperone paperwork is still due on TUESDAY, SEPT. 3, so that we have enough time to process the background checks. Thank you for your understanding.


The 6th Grade Team
8/23/13 Week One Accomplished!
Dear Parents,

Here is the first installment of the 6th grade newsletter.  I also wanted to take a moment to clarify the school's new soft start policy for this year. First, the policy was created to provide a safe, non-disruptive place for students to come before school. This year we have come up with an alternative plan to let students begin the day in their classrooms.  This does not mean that our school day begins any earlier-classrooms will be open from 7:20-7:40, but you do not have to have your students arrive before 7:40 if you choose not to.  The tardy bell will still ring at 7:40, and students will be marked tardy after that time. Teachers also have the option of picking up their students as a group between 7:20-7:35 and taking them to their respective classrooms, or letting students skip the gym entirely and come straight to class (my policy is to let them come straight to my room). When students arrive in classrooms before school, the expectation is that they will be reading AR or taking AR tests, organizing themselves and preparing for the day, or finishing up homework and/or conferencing with their teachers. Our overall purpose with this change is to give the students a safe, supervised place to be during the time they are waiting for school to begin.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new soft start policy.  

Just a couple reminders:

-Please request your membership to my Fusion Page. It is up and running with up-to-date information regarding our class and other school activities!

-On Monday morning, please remind students that they will not be going to the gym in the mornings. They will go directly to our classroom once they arrive to school.

-Student planners should be signed every night.

-If you have any school forms that need to be turned in, please send them with your student on Monday! I can turn them into the front office for you.

-Today, I sent home a couple activities and papers from this past week. So please keep an eye out for those! 

-At the bottom of my page there is the 6th Grade Newsletter, but also a reminder for Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night next Thursday! Please take a look!
Thank you for a great week-our class is off to an awesome start and I can't wait to get started next week.
Kelsey N. Andrus
6th Grade
The Academy of Charter Schools
We have had a wonderful start to our year! I am so thrilled to have each and every one of you in my class! We have a big year ahead of us; a year full of growth, learning, and excitement.

On this Fusion Page, you will find up-to-date classroom information about classroom or school events, daily homework assignments, upcoming tests, and showcase work! Below, at the very bottom of the page, you can find PDF versions of various documents such as permission slips, 6th Grade newsletters, resources to help your student with various skills, and various forms. My hope is that this page can be an additional tool to support constant communication. If you ever need anything or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at or by phone at (303)-289-8088 ext. 222.
Discussion Topics
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M/W/R/F Classroom Schedule

7:40-8:00 Morning Meeting
8:00-9:00 Social Studies/Science
9:00-9:15 Recess
9:15-10:30 Math
10:30-11:30 Reading/LA
11:30-12:10 Lunch/Recess
12:10-12:50 Writing
12:50-1:55 Specials
1:55-3:00 AR
3:00-3:05 Pack-Up/Dismissal

Tuesday Classroom Schedule

9:15-9:30 Morning Meeting
9:30-9:45 Recess
9:45-11:00 Math
11:00-11:40 Lunch/Recess
11:40-12:40 Reading/LA
12:40-1:10 Social Studies/Science
1:10-2:05 Specials
2:05-3:00 Writing/AR
3:00-3:05 Planners/Dismissal

Mrs. Andrus's Afterschool Schedule

Tuesday's 3:05-4:00PM
Thursday's 3:25-4:30PM
**Thursday's will begin immediately following my Afterschool Duty.

This afterschool schedule is there if students want additional support or if they are making-up assignments.

**Students must bring a note from home stating that they will be staying after with me, and for what reason.**

We diligently try to update and maintain these pages in a timely and accurate manner. Should you see something you believe to be in error, please contact the webmaster.

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